Why book with AGNC-music?

There is a lot that goes into organizing an event. In addition to the entire setting, the artists who get the party started are very important to create the right atmosphere. AGNC has designed a platform with which you can easily book an artist that fits the style of your event. By adding different filters you will immediately find the right artist.

All our artists have their own profile where you can find all the information you need to know. Which styles of music, which events,.. As an organizer you can then give a review on the artist you have chosen.

AGNC follows everything very strictly. We protect both the artists and the organizers. If there are problems, AGNC provides a solution so that all parties are satisfied.


Find the perfect artist for your event!

AGNC gives you the ultimate way to book an artist that meets all your expectations.

Wide range of artists

Book your DJ confidently at AGNC. Our Artists are all rated and reviewed by real people after every booking, so you always know all the info about the artist.

Book quick and easy

AGNC has multiple filters that allow you to search for almost anything that comes to your mind. It makes the search for a DJ much easier.

Safety & protection

If there's a problem or question, we give our support to all the users of AGNY. Also both parties namely organisers and DJ’s. For our AGNC artists we also offer legal support.

Trusted by over 30000+ users

All dj's over the world