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Why use AGNC?

Put yourself on the map, boost your career and take it to the next level!


Sign in on AGNC and make your own profile. You can add all the information on your own page, this way you can be found faster and your popularity increases. Because of the received reviews you can only become more known and organizers will find you faster.

The filters make the search much easier, both for you and for the organizer of an event. This way you get the chance to play on exclusive events that you might never may get before.

What can you add to your profile:

  • your biography
  • images and videos
  • style of music
  • what events you want to do
  • Links from website and social media
  • Scheduled events

In addition to all these points, there are some other benefits associated with AGNC. We protect you as an artist during the course of the booking until the day of the event. If there is a problem or discussion, we will ensure that it is resolved so that all parties remain satisfied.

In addition, you will be paid quickly and correctly. It can sometimes happen that the price you ask is not respected, AGNC takes over and ensures that there are no discussions about the payments, in addition, the payment itself is also handled by AGNC and you receive the compensation quickly.


Every artist has its own style, what's yours?

AGNC can help you boost your career. Add yourself to the listing and the rest will follow!

New opportunities

Apply as an artist and list yourself to AGNC. You might go places you never dreamed of. Our filters make it easy to be found.


Add all the info about you to your profile. Much info can only be appreciated and gives you nothing but benefits.

Get paid on time

The payment itself is also handled by AGNC and you receive the compensation quickly. No problems afterwards.

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